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Site Security Services

Stunning and Effective Painted Hoardings Supplied Across South London

Our painted hoardings are not only visually appealing but also provide a reliable and secure perimeter for your site, making them an excellent option. Many clients in South London have taken advantage of their benefits.

Our cost-effective painted hoardings, which are mounted utilising ballast and above ground support, are fashioned from eco-friendly materials. They provide equal levels of privacy, security, and durability as alternative hoarding selections. Additionally, our reasonably-priced top-notch hoardings grant the customer complete seclusion throughout their construction or development endeavour while simultaneously shielding the public from potential hazards.

When undertaking demolition or construction work, our durable painted hoardings are a highly effective and affordable solution for protecting your premises with style. Reach out to the experts at Site Security Services in South London on 0845 880 2690 to discuss your needs and schedule a free property survey and quote with no obligations.

Bespoke painted hoardings

We understand the unique nature of each demolition or construction site in South London. To cater to varied customer needs, our painted hoardings come with a variety of customisation options – varying in material type and colour finish. We ensure that your perimeter will have appropriately sized and shaped hoardings, which would be both effective and stylish. Furthermore, we consider aspects such as wind-loading and desired lifespan while providing these custom solutions.

Clients can choose the paint finish for most hoardings, and if necessary, a specialised anti-graffiti resin can be applied. Alternatively, Di-bond sheets may be used to directly attach advertising for their South London business.

Painted hoarding designed to suit your every need

Our painted hoardings are versatile and can be mounted in various ways, such as on concrete blocks or ballast-filled timber boxes, depending on the client's preferences and budget. No matter your criteria or financial limitations, we make sure our stylish hoardings meet your specific requirements.

Environmentally friendly

As a prominent provider and installer of premium timber hoarding in the UK, our selection of painted hoarding solutions is crafted utilising eco-friendly sourced components that incorporate FSC authorised and recycled materials. Opting for our painted hoarding alternative for your South London establishment would be a great environmental choice.

Having been established for more than two decades, our ever-expanding service sees our site security specialists regularly carry out and complete painted hoarding installation projects across South London and the surrounding region.