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Site Security Services

Keep Your Business Safe with Commercial Alarms

Offering the high quality installation of commercial alarms for a range of businesses in London, Surrey and the South East.

If you run or own a company, then you understand the importance of keeping yourself, your employees and the information stored in your offices safe. Security is key, especially when you deal with a lot of sensitive data from clients, or if you have expensive equipment such as computers, in your offices. With Site Security's comprehensive commercial alarm installation service, we will design the best system for your business, discuss your requirements with you and then install the commercial alarms at your premises. Intruder alarms will keep your property safe when you are away from work, notifying the relevant people as soon as there is a potential break-in

To find out more about our commercial alarms, or about any of our site security services, then call us today on 0845 880 2690, or get in touch with us through our contact form to discuss your business' needs with us.

Notifying the right people in case of a break-in

Often, insurance companies won't pay out if your business has no alarms to keep the property safe. Well installed commercial alarms will often deter potential burglars, but if your business is broken into, then the alarm will sound and let the people you choose know. This means that the police can be called, as well as the right people heading to your offices to make sure everything is okay.

Commercial alarms are paramount in today's world, protecting businesses from theft and vandalism, minimising waste of time and your profits. Protecting your company from the outside in is extremely important and something that we take very seriously, ensuring that all of the commercial alarms we install are of the highest quality and completely reliable. 

Reliable commercial alarms installed for businesses across the South East

Based in Croydon, we offer our commercial alarm installation service to a wide range of businesses in Essex, Surrey, London, Kent and the South East. We have recently installed commercial alarms Enfield, Maidstone, Chelmsford, East London, Guildford, Chelsea, Stevenage, Brighton, Fulham, Ashford, Canterbury, Sutton, Basildon, Reading, Epsom, Bromley, South London, Crawley, Watford, Margate, North London, Woking, Dartford, London, Luton, Colchester and Oxford.

If you would like to learn more about how our commercial alarms will help keep your business secure throughout the day and evening, then call us on 0845 880 2690, or visit our contact page to send us a message and discuss your requirements with one of our site security team. Speak with us today to arrange your free, no obligation quotation and property survey at your convenience.