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Site Security Services

Stylish and Secure Painted Hoardings Installed Across North London

Our painted hoardings are a popular choice amongst clients in North London, Kent and the South East as they offer both security and aesthetic appeal to perimeter fencing around sites.

Our stylish painted hoardings, created from environmentally conscious materials and supported by above ground structures and ballast, provide a comparable level of security, integrity, and seclusion as alternative hoarding solutions. Additionally, our competitively priced high-quality partitions ensure that clients in North London experience complete privacy throughout development or construction while shielding the public from potential dangers.

Looking for a cost-effective, efficient and stylish means of safeguarding your property during construction or demolition? Look no further than our sturdy painted hoardings. Contact Site Security Services in North London today at 0845 880 2690 to chat about your needs and schedule a complimentary property survey and quote that doesn't obligate you, whenever it's convenient for you.

Bespoke painted hoardings

We understand that each construction or demolition site is unique, and as a result, we provide various options for customising our painted hoardings. These options range from the colour of the finish to the type of material utilised. Our painted hoardings are not only attractive but can also be shaped to fit your perimeter precisely while considering factors such as wind-loading and desired lifespan.

The clients have the option to choose the paint used for most hoardings, which can then be protected with an anti-graffiti coating if needed. Alternatively, Di-bond sheets can also be utilised as a finish, and these sheets may be affixed directly onto the hoarding installation. This type of finish provides a great chance for businesses to promote their offerings effectively.

Painted hoarding designed to suit your every need

Our painted hoardings come in various installation options to meet the design and budget specifications of our clients. These include being mounted on either timber boxes filled with ballast or concrete blocks. Therefore, whether you have a limited or ample budget, we can customise our stylish hoardings to suit your needs.

Environmentally friendly hoardings

Our painted hoarding choices are crafted from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled and FSC-approved products, as you would anticipate from a top-notch supplier of quality timber hoarding in the UK. By installing painted hoarding, you'll be contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

With over two decades of experience, our constantly growing service has our experts in site security frequently executing painted hoarding installation assignments throughout North London and its environs. Give us a call today to talk about your painted hoarding installation needs with one of our friendly and cooperative staff members.