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Site Security Services

Secure and Reliable Free-Standing Scaffold Hoardings in North London

Perfect for commercial and industrial sites across North London, our free-standing scaffold hoardings provide a trusted and secure perimeter around sites where digging into the ground isn't an option.

Using ballast and above-ground support, our self-supporting timber hoardings provide equivalent protection, confidentiality and safety as in-ground hoarding. They ensure the safety of the public from dangers and guarantee full privacy for clients throughout the project duration. Hence, if you require a cost-effective but efficient way to safeguard your property during construction or demolition work, then nothing is more suitable than free-standing scaffold hoarding.

So call North London's experts at Site Security Services today on 0845 880 2690 to discuss your requirements and arrange your free property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.

Bespoke free standing timber hoardings

We understand that each location is unique, and thus provide a wide range of customisation choices for our stand-alone timber hoardings. These options include variations in timber thickness and finishing colours. Our wooden enclosures can also be cut to fit precisely into the dimensions of your perimeter while taking factors like wind resistance and expected duration into account.

Hoardings can be customised to the client's preferences in terms of paint and may include an anti-graffiti resin upon request. Alternatively, Di-bond sheets can also be utilised to directly attach the signage onto the hoarding installation, allowing for optimal advertising possibilities.

Flexible and adaptable hoarding

Our free-standing scaffold hoardings are adaptable to any budget or design specifications, as they can be erected on either timber boxes filled with ballast or concrete blocks. Rest assured that our constructions will be customised to meet your needs and circumstances.

Less time-consuming than other options

Our free-standing scaffold hoarding installations present a faster solution compared to other options available in the market. Unlike some alternatives, they do not require a 'permit to dig', which can be a time-consuming process for your North London construction or demolition project.

Having been established for more than two decades, our ever-expanding service sees our site security experts regularly undertake free-standing scaffold hoarding installation projects across North London and the surrounding area. Contact us today to discuss your free-standing scaffold hoarding installation requirements with one of our friendly and helpful team.