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Site Security Services

Kent's Painted Hoardings Specialists

Our painted hoardings are the ideal, reliable, and trusted choice for securing perimeters around your site in Kent, as well as adding a visually appealing touch while remaining affordable and of exceptional quality.

Our painted hoardings are both cost-effective and sophisticated, utilising above ground ballast and support. Providing the same level of integrity and security as other hoarding options, they are also made from environmentally friendly materials. Also, they offer comprehensive privacy throughout the construction or development projects for clients, as well as ensuring and adhering to public safety.

For a reliable and cost-effective solution to safeguarding your property in Kent during demolition or construction, consider our durable and chic painted hoardings. Contact the skilled professionals at Site Security Services on 0845 880 2690 for a complimentary property assessment and personalised quote at your convenience.

Bespoke painted hoardings

Our painted hoardings offer both style and durability, with various installation options available. Whether it's on concrete blocks or timber boxes filled with ballast, our team will work with you to meet your design needs and budget. Rest assured that our painted hoardings are customisable for any requirement or budget.

The majority of hoardings allow clients to choose their desired paint colour and can also be equipped with an anti-graffiti coating upon request. Others may have Di-bond sheets attached directly to the installation, providing clients with a perfect chance to promote their Kent business.

Painted hoarding designed to suit your every need

As a top supplier and installer of premium timber hoarding in the UK and Kent, we prioritise the use of environmentally-friendly materials. Our painted hoarding choices consist of FSC approved and recycled options to promote sustainability. By having our painted hoarding installed at your premises in Kent, you are also contributing to the protection of the environment.

Environmentally friendly hoardings

As you would expect from one of the UK and East London's leading suppliers and installers of high quality timber hoarding, our painted hoarding options are made from environmentally friendly sourced products, including FSC approved and recycled materials. So when you have painted hoarding installed at your East London premises, you will be helping the environment in the process. 

Having been established for more than 20 years, our ever-expanding service sees our site security specialists regularly undertake and complete painted hoarding installation projects across East London.