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Site Security Services

Essex's Very Best Scaffold Alarms

Scaffold alarms in place outside building

Fitted across Essex, our high quality scaffold alarms are proven to provide effective protection of your investments, employees, property and other assets. 

To ensure the safety of their properties from potential intruders, many Essex business owners employ scaffolding alarms as a dependable and affordable security measure. Our site security services offer an optimal solution for monitoring your property and keeping it secure. We provide alarm monitoring and mobile response services to promptly respond to any security concerns at your Essex location. Intruders will be immediately detected by our alarm system and efficiently handled by our skilled mobile response team.

Call our friendly alarm monitoring team today on 0845 880 2690 for a free site security survey and no obligation quotation. One of our site security experts will be on hand to provide you with the information you need on our variety of scaffold alarms and alarm monitoring services. Your Essex property will be kept safe by us and we will even arrange a free site survey for your alarm monitoring system and no obligation quotation.

Protected by the latest technology

Being a key player in the site security industry in Essex, we offer premium scaffold alarms that are unmatched by others on the European market. Each alarm we install boasts advanced technological features, has undergone rigorous quality testing and holds official European accreditation to assure you of maximum protection. You can rest assured that our wide range of monitoring and site security services will safeguard both you and your property against any potential hazards.

Our alarm installations offer reliable protection for your Essex property against intrusion and damage. Not only do the infra-red beams minimise false alarms, but they are also immune to small animals, birds, heavy rain, snow, and falling leaves. Furthermore, our mobile response team is always on standby to repair or replace any scaffold alarms as needed. Additionally, our monitoring systems promptly notify you when an alarm has been triggered so that you have ample time to respond to any breach.

The complete site security service in Essex

Supplied and fitted across Essex, the key features of our certified scaffold alarms include:

  • Sensitive infra-red sensors (Beams & PIR's)
  • Protects buildings when scaffolding is erected
  • Alerts monitoring station, site foreman or other designated site operative
  • Events recorded showing date, time, and specific equipment triggered
  • System automatically resets and re-arms
  • Alarm-activated floodlights available

Site Security Services offers more than just reliable scaffold alarms supported by advanced technology. Our extensive selection of security systems and wireless alarms are also available for installation. Our mobile response, timber hoarding, alarm monitoring, and various other site security services offer comprehensive protection for your property, ensuring the safety of both your employees and belongings. Your safeguarding doesn't end at the door of your Essex location. Our scaffolding alarms persist 24/7, and our alarm monitoring and mobile response will alert you immediately if there are any trespasses, even if you're offsite. We take pride in fitting all your site security systems with utmost professionalism through our team of experts.

Officially certified and insurance-friendly

Regrettably, certain individuals view site scaffolding as a source of enjoyment while others see it as an entry point to valuable property. This issue has become so prominent that many insurance providers require scaffold alarms certified by SSAIB - neglecting to have one could result in a void policy. With this in mind, our company provides scaffold alarms coupled with alarm monitoring services to deliver excellent coverage and enhance the security of your Essex property against potential risks.

We are fully certified to provide lighting systems and scaffold alarms for all insurance and site security needs. Please see our accreditations page for more information on these endorsements. Our alarm monitoring installation team encompasses specialist site security installers that ensure all your on-site scaffold alarms are installed quickly and offer you the very best protection.

24-hour alarm response

Working for clients across Essex, we offer a round-the-clock 24-hour alarm response service with all of our scaffold alarms. Please see our alarm monitoring and response page for more details on this service.

Scaffolding with site security warning

Security protection tailored to your needs

For securing your construction or outdoor area during a new build housing development, commercial renovation, extensive roofing work or exterior painting project, our skilled security installers are well-equipped to provide cost-effective and efficient scaffold alarm protection.

Following a comprehensive site survey, our proficient team of alarm monitoring installation specialists will suggest the ideal layout for your new scaffold alarms to ensure full coverage from all angles.

We have teams all over Essex

Based in Croydon, London, we are excellently positioned to provide the complete site security service to commercial and industrial businesses across the London boroughs, Kent and throughout the Home Counties, including Essex.

If you are looking to secure your building site or temporary construction area quickly, affordably and reliably, contact our friendly and knowledgeable scaffold alarm monitoring team today. One of our experienced operatives will gladly discuss any concerns or questions you may have about protecting your site any offer you a free site survey and no obligation scaffolding alarm installation quotation.