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Site Security Services

Commercial Alarms East London

We provide protection for South London businesses and industrial spaces through our commercial alarms. Our selection of alarm systems includes scaffold alarms, wireless alarms and security solutions.

Ensuring your premises are maintained and protected at all times is essential, particularly during off-site hours. Site Security provide customised commercial alarm systems for businesses throughout South London, perfectly tailored to the size of each site whilst also alerting users quickly in case of any breaches. With our comprehensive alarms services, you can have total peace of mind that your property will remain safe and secure.

Our commercial alarms come with a range of added functions to ensure optimal safety, from floodlights that activate in the case of an alarm, to the use of CCTV recordings. Ensuring your business is secure and your staff is safe is our top priority.

To learn more about our range of commercial and scaffolding alarms, please get in touch today on 0845 880 2690. Alternatively, contact us via our website to arrange a free no obligation quotation or site survey at a time that suits you.

A variety of commercial alarms to suit your business

We provide our commercial alarms with a variety of features and advantages. With these, you can benefit from:

  • Protecting buildings when scaffolding is erected
  • Events recorded showing date, time, and specific equipment triggered
  • Alarm-activated floodlights available
  • Sensitive infra-red sensors (Beams & PIR's)
  • Alerts monitoring station, site foreman or other designated site operative
  • System automatically resets and re-arms

Our expertise make us the ideal choice to set up security networks for any organisation, regardless of its size. Our wireless and scaffolding alarm systems can inform you of any disturbances even when you're not there so you can contact the relevant agencies or take matters into your own hands. All our commercial alarms meet global standards and are subjected to rigorous testing before being put in place, guaranteeing their reliability at crucial times.

Professionally installed commercial alarms to protect your property in South London

Based in Croydon, we believe having commercial alarms installed on your property is extremely important, especially in a large area like East London. 

If you need to find out more about our commercial alarms and would like them to be fitted for you then please call us on 0845 880 2690 or visit the contact page to send us a message. We have a friendly and professional team of alarm monitoring professionals who can provide you with a free, no obligation quotation and site survey at your convenience.